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Life Changing

Well I just heard the news today It seems my life is gonna change I closed my eyes, begin to pray Then tears of joy stream down my face Arms Wide Open – Creed. My grandmother asked me a few...

One of Facebook's data farms. 4

The Data Farm

Big Data. When I tell people that I’m hoping to study ‘Big Data’ and it’s impact on Agriculture as a part of my Nuffield Scholar travels for 2015, I’m greeted with one of 3 general responses: Most rare. If you’ve...

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Tractor Meme

Drove a tractor through town today and the idea for this popped into my mind. It’s been stuck there ever since. Thank you for allowing it to get out. 

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Weird Obsession? Or not?

‘What’s that?’ My personal hairdresser and wife’s Aunt asked me the other day. She was pointing to what I had open on my laptop screen. I was looking at this: My spreadsheet containing the historical rainfall records for my town,...

Some of the pastors cabbages (hybrids!) and young banana plants. You can also see the beginning of the irrigation system. 0

Dream Job

Last month I returned from 2.5 weeks of farm and agricultural visits to Uganda in Africa. Following that and a few weeks on the tractor planting this years crop, I been able to process some of my experiences and offer...

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10 Ugandan Agricultural Learnings

Here are a few of the interesting things that I’ve learned about Agriculture as it is practiced here in Uganda. Climate – is tropical with little day to day temperature variation. Minimums in the teens rise up to maximums in...

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The Nile.

It’s more than just a river in Uganda. It’s beautiful, huge and majestic. Also, when you get flipped in a life-raft going through a grade 5 rapid, it’s slightly terrifying. Ok. Actually terrifying.  It’s a pity I don’t have any photos...

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Our first week in Uganda

As promised, some more on what Simon and I have been up to since arriving in Uganda last Saturday. Quoted bits are his words not mine.   Saturday: We flew from Adelaide-Dubai-Entebbe with Emirates. Flights were long, smooth and boring...

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Wow. Here I am, this blog post coming to you from Iganga, eastern Uganda. It’s hard to believe and the things I’ve witnessed over the past few days. But more on that later. Why am I here? In short, our...