My name is Jonathan Dyer. At the end of 2007 I completed a Bachelor of Information Technology and in February of 2008 I took a graduate position as a web developer at a large corporate firm in Adelaide, South Australia.

Now, at the mature (tender?) age of 22 I’ve decided it’s time for a career change. I’m going to be learning to how to farm by working with my parents on the farm that I grew up on.

Why Blog?

I’ve started this blog for many reasons. Here are the major ones in no particular order:

  • Not many IT nerds become farmers so my perspective should be fairly unique.
  • To share what I learn about farming, and what I like about the rural lifestyle.
  • To keep my nerd web development juices flowing. I loveĀ  information and empowerment that the Internet provides, and I want to be a real (albeit small) being apart of that.
  • I want to share stories from my own life and those around me, in the hope that someone out there may be helped or inspired.

What About?

The journey that I take transitioning from a web developer to a farmer and all the highs and lows that this brings. I love the freedom that my faith has brought me, and I want to share stories of this freedom from my own life and those around me. I’ll also share other things I think are interesting or funny and anythiny else that life may bring along the way.