Monthly Archive: October 2007

Political Judgement 0

Political Judgement

According to this article (Heat on PM to cut link to pastor) Tony Abbott has made the call that the Labor party does not have “the degree of Christian commitment” that the Coalition has. So by inference “if you consider...

Say what? 1

Say what?

Three Sundays ago, I arrived back here at Res after church, I’d just walked into my room and 1 of the girls advised me “I wouldn’t go into the bathroom if I was you.” A little unsure exactly what this...

IBM, iRiver & 1 Bolt 1

IBM, iRiver & 1 Bolt

Yesterday was a very eventful day, for 3 reasons. Two I had planned, 1 I had not. I worked my last shift at IBM yesterday. It was a gracefull departure with hand-shakes and well wishes from my bosses. As I...

Procrastination 0


What is lazy initialization? Does the Singleton class display lazy initialisation? Explain. If lazy initialization is not being used, modify the class so it does. I think I’m showing some lazy assignment initialization at the moment. That question and the...

Next Phone 1

Next Phone

While procrastinating an assignment earlier today I discovered what my next phone/PDA/GPS is going to be: The Mio Digiwalker a702 (Link)Featuring: Windows MobileĀ® 6 Professional Built-in 20-channel GPS Receiver Built-in 3.2 Megapixel Camera Geotagging of Photos WiFi Connectivity Bio taked...

Free Burma 0

Free Burma

From time to time you’ll read on this blog my rants about how inept my government is. But I can do that without fear of reprisals. I’m not blogging about how my government is hunting down & killing protestors.

Unwanted Education 1

Unwanted Education

I’m part of the problem,I confess,But I gotta get this off my chest. Let’s extinguish the anguishfor which we’re to blame,and save the worldfrom going down in flames.– Down in Flames, Relient K Until recently I didn’t understand how big...

Time on 0

Time on

I’ve just got back to Uni again for the final run home. I’ve just moved into Time-on in the final quarter of my University career. In 8 weeks & 4 days I should hopefully have a University Education. Which on...