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10 Things I’ll Miss About Adelaide 0

10 Things I’ll Miss About Adelaide

The Internet is full of pointless and mundane lists. This post is my first pointless and mundane attempt at one.

While I’m a fierce Victorian at heart, there are a few things about Adelaide that I’ve actually come to like over the last 2 years of living here.

My View 0

My View

I’m sure there will be a few things I’ll miss about my job in Adelaide. This is one of them: For you photo people out there. Please note that tinted windows prevented me from taking better photos.

Recycled Fears 0

Recycled Fears

There wll always be justifications and reasons as to why we shouldn’t take risks and change. But if those reasons include the fear of self they can, and should be ignored.

Challenge & Growth 1

Challenge & Growth

When hearing of our move, numerous people have asked us ‘Why?” It’s a good question. I’m in a stable job here in Adelaide and Tiarnee has so far been able to findĀ  plenty of relief teaching at the schools she...

Hello World! 0

Hello World!

Welcome one, Welcome all to the brand new blog of a nerd farmer. I’m really excited to be re-launching my blogging career. I’ve taken the step up from blogspot, to join the ranks of wordpress users the world over. I...