10 Things I’ll Miss About Adelaide

The Internet is full of pointless and mundane lists. This post is my first pointless and mundane attempt at one.

While I’m a fierce Victorian at heart, there are a few things about Adelaide that I’ve actually come to like over the last 2 years of living here. In no particular order, they are:

  1. Affordable Housing – While¬† it’s not as affordable as our new place, there’s no way I’d be able to afford to live within 4km of the CBD in Melbourne or Sydney on a graduate wage.
  2. Festivals – At this time of year Adelaide comes alive with festivals. Fringe, Womad, Adelaide Festival, Big Day Out, Tour Down Under, Clipsal & I’m sure there are others. The pick of these is easily the Fringe festival, with everthing from comedy, street theatre, music, caberet and much more. We’re hoping to come down to the Fringe one weekend.
  3. Living Walking Distance to Adelaide Oval – Being the cricket fan that I am, living so close to the Oval is great. As I did last year, tomorrow I’ll be walking down to the oval so I can sit on the hill and watch the Aussies take on Pakistan. Can’t wait.
  4. Great Eateries – Rundle St, Gouger St & Glenelg all have fantastic restaurant strips. Our favourites from each are: ‘The Strand’ at Glenelg. Stanley’s Fish Cafe on Gouger St & ‘The Chocolate Bean’ cafe just off Rundle St. The latter is absolutely fantastic if you have a taste for Chocolate.
  5. Getaways – While technically not Adelaide there are lots of great places to visit within a couple of hours of the CBD that are fantastic for day trips. These include the Barossa, the Hills & Victor Harbour.
  6. Size – I alluded to it in point 1. But Adelaide has all the things a big city has (except a decent road system!) but without the size, crowds and inconvenience of a bigger place.
  7. The Markets – Fresh, local produce at a cheap price. The best place around to stock up on emu and kangaroo.
  8. Balls – I admire any place that has the balls to put giant balls in it’s CBD shopping mall.
  9. Parklands – The parklands definitely give the place a more relaxed, and even country feel.
  10. HaighsOk so my experience is limited. But in my limited experience Haighs is the best chocolate ever. Seriously. I’d never had it before moving over here and I now feel slightly ripped off that I’ve been eating Cadburys my whole life thinking it was good chocolate.

Did I forget anything?


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