10 Things I Won’t Miss About Adelaide

This is the sequel to my earlier pointless and mundane Internet list of things that I will miss about Adelaide:

Once again, in no particular order:

  1. Traffic Lights – I mentioned in my last post about the benefits of Adelaide being a small city. The flipside to this positive benefit is it’s lack of major infrastructure. Adelaide only has 1.5 freeways. One of them leads to/from the city & stops at the start of suburbia,  the other half-freeway runs only in 1 direction at any given point in time. So there’s traffic lights. Meaning lots of frustrating and pointless waiting.
  2. Adelaide Crows – Enough said.
  3. General Conservatism – There aren’t many places in the world where the government announces plans to build a brand new state of the art hospital and this is seen as negative, controversial and pointless. Alas, Adelaide has a country town feel but with it some country town attitudes. People could be more positive about things from time to time.
  4. Hot Nights – Sleeping in a bedroom without AC during a heatwave isn’t the most pleasant thing. At our new place it cools down more at night and (touch-wood) the AC will be more effective.
  5. Imaginary Letters & Substitute Words – People around here add letters into some words they pronounce. It’s strange and I have no idea why. Instead of a ‘plant’ over here you have a ‘plarnt’. Occasionally they also substitute whole words as well. While the rest of the world refers to the amber alcoholic liquid as ‘beer’, in Adelaide they call it ‘Coopers’.
  6. Restricted Shopping hours – In the country town I grew up in, the Supermarket was open till either 8pm or 6pm every night. In Ballarat where I went to Uni, there were 3 supermarkets within 8km of Uni. The small IGA was open till 10pm 7days per week. The Safeway (Woolworths!) was open till midnight and the Coles was 24 hours. In Adelaide, the major supermarkets close at 5:30pm every weeknight and 5pm on weekends. Without fail. Which meant that until the Foodland nearby opened later during the week, you could not get things from the supermarket for tea after work. That 1 thing you forgot for your weekend BBQ? Forget it, unless you’re willing to pay servo prices. Adelaide has been known as ‘backwards’. This is a major reason why.
  7. Water Restrictions – Adelaide is forced to drink whatever water the rest of the country discards. Which, with recent droughts hasn’t been an awful lot. We’re very lucky in the house we’re moving into. We have bore water for the toilet and gardens (read: unlimited watering!) and the large roof collects more than enough clear, clean rainwater for our consumption. No more will I be forced to drink chlorinated Murray river dregs.
  8. Fuel Price Cycle – No more ‘oh it’s Tuesday night, better go fill up’. Fuel price is stable throughout the week, and recently has only been marginally higher than city prices.
  9. Pie Floaters – Ok I must confess that I’ve never tried one of these South Australian creations, and maybe I should. But technically I won’t miss it cos I’ve never tried it. But it’s a meat pie floating in pea soup. How good could it be? Or is is actually good?
  10. Pandas – I’ve got nothing against the new Pandas themselves, I’m sure they’re amazing and would even like to see them at some point. But the frenzy around them coming did become a bit ridiculous. An enclosure costing well into the millions and a parade in the rain to mark their arrival was all a bit bizarre. But don’t take my word for it, check out the Advertiser website dedicated to their cause.

So there’s my top 10. An honourable mention to the Advertiser itself for being a tabloid gossip mag trying to promote itself as objective news.

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Any of those things unfairly on the list?


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16 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Heh, yeah, I can sympathise with these. Pie floaters aren’t great, but they’re not disgusting either. They’re just a meat pie that happens to be in, rather than adjacent, to a bunch of mushy peas.

  2. Shaun says:

    The supermarkets near my place closed at 9! Maybe that’s a southern Adelaide thing

    Completely agree about the pandas. Sure the animals themselves are cute, but … I’ll stop now before I go crazy.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Andrew, you’ve inspired me. I’m going to make it my goal to eat one before I leave. I shouldn’t be passing judgement on what I havn’t yet tried.

    Shaun, Are they Coles/Woolys? Or Independants? Also, you’re so far south as to almost be not Adelaide any more…..

  4. Matt says:

    Near my place supermarkets are open till nine during the week. Amen with the rest of all the comments!!! bloody roads!!!

  5. Katie says:

    I agree with the bad roads, but they are getting it right up North. Half the population didn’t want the hospital because they were hoping for a state of art football stadium which was proposed for the same site. The state loves their football (yes, Crows included!)

    Shopping hours are incorrect though. Almost every major supermarket opens to 9pm Monday to Friday. 5pm on the weekends. Some smaller IGA supermarkets open to midnight 365 days of the year. There are also large Coles supermarkets which only shut at 9pm for re-stocking and re-open at midnight. This is across the city and all suburbs. Only department stores shut 5.30pm, like Myer. At least Big W and Kmart open late weeknights.

  6. Nell says:

    Ok… Supermarkets stopped closing at 5pm back in 1998 when they began trading til 7pm. In 2004 major supermarkets which are Coles and Woolies they began opening at 6am and closing at 9pm statewide. And… I live in the Eastern suburbs and I have 9 farily LARGE supermarkets within a 10km radius… I think you have managed to extensively over exagerate SA’s way of life to sound as an uncomfortabley backward form of living, when in fact it’s nice for supermarkets employees to not have to worry about having to do a late shift or filling in for a late shift allowing old school family and study time. Weekends they do close at 5.30 but we still have IGA and Foodlands open til 9pm just around the crn and… all BP’s and large petty sattions as I can see all stock meat and fresh produce these days which you can go pick up ya meat and have your weekend BBQ. As for the expressway… Southern expressway is annoyin however they are in planning mode of an extra lane and we dnt really need em to be completely honest cos I grew up 80km south of adelaide and used to have to drive into and beyond adelaide to get to tafe, that’s a 100km drive both ways and managed to do it in traffic in 1.5hrs each way which is really not bad considering other states and how long it take people to gte 20km in peak hour. Tues fuel is a complete myth these days and only really goes up on fridays and back dwn on mondays. Ha, imaginary letters, how bout how the Vics say the word ‘School’… they say “Squel” lol. And Water, seriously, we wouldnt need restrictions if Vic, NSW and QLD weren’t stealing all our Murray water to hydrate their stupid rice fields which they then export to fridgen China. My parenst have a house on Hindmarsh Island and 3 years ago for two solid years the murray mouth was dried up apart from the occassionaly pool width puddle. It was disgusting to see and hurt many peoples lives. Sorry I really had to attack this post of yours because it was really quite immature mate.

  7. Alex says:

    This post is stupid. Not a big fan of Adelaide myself but its not that bad at all! Now I will tell you why your post is stupid.

    1. The traffic flow is actually really good in peak hours. I don’t what your problem is. We have two way street on every street! You need traffic lights for obvious reasons.

    2. Who cares about that. That’s not even an argument!

    3. There are pros and cons to this project. Perhaps you should explain why people don’t like the idea. I’m sure you don’t even have an idea yourself.

    4. You do realise that in most parts of Australia it’s frigging hot during summer nights. Doesn’t only apply to Adelaide.

    5. That is rediculous. People speak normal. Never heard anyone speak that way. That’s is some “creative writing” on your part regarding coopers. That’s just absolutely not true. Coopers is a brand and when people are talking about having coopers it’s because they refer to the brand not beer. You must’ve been hanging around people who only drink Coopers. Tells something about you.

    6. There are plenty of major supermarkets that are open till 9pm weekdays! Most of them are in the suburbs. There are plenty of IGA around that are open till 10pm. And few that are open till 12pm.
    Also Coles in the city is open from midnight every night.

    What’s with BBQ example? I’m surprised you even have friends to invite for one. Here is a tip next time ask your friends (if you have any) to bring that “1 thing” that you forgot.

    7. Do you know that all water in Australia is treated so as to kill the bacteria before its supplied to the general population? How do you have a problem with that? Sounds like you waste water btw.

    8. Hasn’t been that way for sometime. But ok whatever

    9. Pie floaters. Have tried one. It’s ok. But that’s another stupid point by you. how can you make judgement on something you never tried. Technically, you won’t miss Uzbekistan because you never been. I mean really?

    10. You said yourself that Adelaidians should be more positive about things. There it is, a prime example. Why are you complaining now. Don’t be so negative…

  8. MotherR says:

    All correct but you forgot to mention that Adelaide has people like Nell, who just can’t cope with the truth and must jump to Adelaide’s defence.
    Also, it’s not just shops but everything it seems closes down. It’s 6pm folks – pack up and go home. Or drag the esky around to Sue and Darren’s house and talk about Kerry and Jason, unless they are there – yawn…
    The fact that you can’t do U-turns for so long on some roads that you end up almost leaving town.
    All the bottle-blonde Prue and Trudes in the tacky clothes and shoe shops in this town. Maybe your husbands are surgeons ladies, but you are just shop girls. So serve me humbly please.

  9. James Carry says:

    While these things are good and I can understand what you say, your dissing this for no reason. Traffic lights in a SMALL city you say-hey THERE ARE NEARLY 2 MILLION PEOPLE LIVING IN MY CITY. Adelaide Crows are fine. You don’t have to be the best football team and it’s not like they define what Adelaide is. And please, knock off with the pronounciation. It’s not like the words you say are RIGHT. We can say it however we want. Oh yeah, we do call beer BEER! You know, they have shopping restriction hours FOR A REASON!”Adelaide is forced to drink whatever water the rest of the country discards” That’s a harsh thing to say. It’s not Adelaide’s fault there was a drought in the Murray River! Also, if you haven’t tried a pie floater…DON’T CRITICISE IT! IT’S HYPOCRITICAL! And you-not understanding being an Adelaidean-would not know that we rarely get anything from China as a tourist attraction so it’s HUMAN NATURE to be excited.
    Point said. I do agree with you about the Fuel Prices and the Hot Weather (although it’s not our fault it’s hot). But I think you should have taken these things in before you wrote this. K thnxs. Bye

  10. sam says:

    After 5 years of living in Adelaide I have decided to move interstate. There is so much wrong with this city its difficult to not write essays about it. There are so many snooty people that exist here as well I have never understood why as they usually have nothing to be too proud of living here. The aggro people that take to the net to defend Adelaide have always made me laugh as they just dont seem to get obvious picture that Adelaide really is a boring shithole to the people that bitch and complain about it. Good luck Adelaide. I really hope that one day this city actually becomes something worthwhile instead of its current declining condition.

  11. Joshua Leigh says:

    Agree about the traffic lights (we still only have timers, and those weight sensors below the road for cars, we were going to get a synchronizer for 2 billion, but the state govt backed out, really annoying) and freeways, but they are all government based decisions due to finance, and the people who whinge about change and growing of our city, (country based mentality) most of us aren’t like that, we’re city people and we’d like freeways that bypass the city, but our govt doesn’t have the money to do it, probably due to poor decisions in the past, or being influenced by snobs, bogans or “middle class” people that don’t go outside the state (if they can afford it)are afraid of our city and state growing its urban sprawl I guess you could say. If you work hard and/or study, are not afraid to have these extensions in our infrastructure, but still consider others whilst in the process you’re my kind of person, here! Oh and less rail and overpass, we used to have more, and SAPOL having a monthly quota for issuing fines.

    That’s the only problems with Adelaide, we have great music and theatre venues, finally have a decent stadium for footy (again, yay!) and cricket. Plenty of other sports, too etc. Soccer and basketball, Entertainment Centre is pretty good for concerts, not the biggest but good rigging facilities etc. Good music on the street and in venues during fringe as well. Be proud to be South Aussie, just not so much that it is your whole world, because there is one out there!

  12. nikki says:

    Shops don’t open until 11am on Sunday and close at 5pm on weekends……why?……get with the program…..its a capital city not hicksville…….and the drivers, just OMG! where did they learn to drive? and who was insane enough to issue them with a licesnse? If you are brave enough to hit the roads in Adelaide then you are safe to drive anywhere else in the Aus’, it will be a piece of cake……And the cost of water O: its horrendous, and electricity……bloody hell, that stuff is more expensive than gold!…….its truly a shithole in regard to the backwardness……but its a pretty city and its not always a dustbowl………if the shops opened like ‘normal’ and people learned to drive like responsible drivers, and electricity and water prices came down to match the rest of the world then it wouldn’t be such a bad place to live……..

  13. David says:

    1. Yes, I hate this but they are now making progress with new major road corridor projects. Try driving in Sydney before you complain about pointless waiting.

    2. Football, meh don’t pay any attention to it myself.

    3. For a state labeled as too conservative, SA is politically a labor stronghold. The whinging is mostly whipped up by opposition party point scoring.

    4. You live in Australia right? It’s hot everywhere. At least the humidity is low.

    5. Sorry, I didn’t know that you normal should be everybody else’s normal.

    6. Supermarkets are open till 9pm. Have been since forever.

    7. The whole country was under water restrictions during the recent drought. Water quality at my place has been excellent since the desalination plant has been online. Otherwise , like most of inland NSW and northern Victoria we rely on the Murray-Darling basin. Modern filtration and treatment plants are excellent. SA Water do a good job. Bore water is not unlimited water. Those aquifers can not sustain unlimited extraction. You need to learn some respect for our water sources.

    8. Your fuel is now only marginally higher than the city, but it is still higher.

    9. Been here 40 years, never had one and never think about them.

    10. Spend some time in Melbourne if you want to hear the city rave on to the point of giving you a nose bleed about their tourist attractions.

    Your honorable mention: Couldn’t agree more, never read it.

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