Who are you working for?

The rich rule over the poor,
and the borrower is servant to the lender.
Proverbs 22:7

If you have a mortgage with a certain one of Australia’s big four banks, I need to say something to you. Thank you! Thank you! Thankyou! Someone, somewhere has been working to pay the interest on their mortgage, a small amount of which has ended up in my bank account. It’s not a lot, but someone out there has done my equivalent of 1.5 hours of work and given the results to me. Slowly but surely over the last few months the meagre interest I earn on my meagre savings has been rising, and this has been completely funded by the work of others.

When the above truth hit me during my lunch break yesterday, I realised how true the above Proverb is. Someone out there is literally doing a small amount of work for me. When I considered that I had someone working for me I didn’t particularly feel comfortable with it. That’s not fair. That anonymous person should be receiving the fruits of their own labor, not me. Then I considered that the alternative is to be the person making someone else rich by paying them interest. I know who I’d rather be.

Hmmm. Interesting perhaps, but how does this apply to nerds and or farming? Well, while working in the corporate world I am also essentially working to make other people rich. Not through paying interest to anyone, but through the rate I’m being charged out at, compared to what I’m being paid. This is not in and of itself a bad thing, as if employers couldn’t make money out of employees then no-one would be hired. Yes, one day I could get to a point where I’m working completely for my own benefit, by working hard and climbing the corporate ladder, but that wouldn’t be until I’ve made an awful lot of money for a lot of other people. This is just the way the world works. You gain favour, leadership and trust by making your superiors happy. You make your superiors happy by making them money. So getting to the point of working for your own benefit is by necessity, a long time in the corporate world.

I’m extremely lucky to have had another opportunity come my way. One that not many people get. I’m trialling farming for a couple of years, to see if I can ‘cut the mustard’ to make it as a farmer. One of the major reasons this opportunity is so alluring is the possibility of one day being my own boss and working for myself. Not for other people. If all goes well I could become apart of a business a lot sooner than I could have in my corporate job. I find this possibility very appealing. I like the idea that my future can be my own responsibility, and not left to the decisions of a corporation or the ups and downs of a volatile labour market.

That’s one reason I’m taking this opportunity. Who do you work for? Do you wish you had more independence?


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