Monthly Archive: August 2010

Wet weather delay 1

Wet weather delay

I wouldn’t say it went viral, but my post from last Thursday on ‘Tweeting with Tony Burke’ was extremely well received. I had lots of positive comments about it on twitter, and it was re-tweeted by several people, many with...

Tweeting with (not like) Tony Burke 5

Tweeting with (not like) Tony Burke

Just to really emphasise this let me restate: I was able to ask questions and receive instant responses from a member of federal cabinet just 4 days before a federal election*. Read that last sentence again and think about how social media is changing our world.

Country Communion 0

Country Communion

Last Sunday I was able to give the Communion address at the local church I attend. Yes, I’ve just publicly outed myself as a church goer. Hopefully you’re still reading and havn’t yet closed your browser window. If you are still reading, but are not terribly impressed with the Christian people you have observed in you time, then I understand.

Continuing the Cycle 4

Continuing the Cycle

For the last 60 years or so, farmers the world over have been doing their job so successfully that they’ve literally been doing themselves out of work. Innovations since WWII including ever bigger and more powerful tractors and implements, improved knowledge & use of fertilisers, better weed and disease management practices, better soil management practices and many other innovations have meant that farm productivity growth has outpaced global population growth for a long time.