View from the Silo – September 2010

It may be late, but it’s here, the September update on our view from the silo. This continues my series that shows the growth of a wheat crop from the top of our farm silos. I took these photos on the weekend, during a stunning clear-blue day.

The rains have receeded and we’ve had a month of mostly cool and fine weather. The sun & warmer weather have meant that this crop has been able to grow alot since the last update. The wheat is now approaching waist-height and the heads of grain are about to show. We’ve spread fertilizer (Urea) on this crop once since it was planted, and if we get more rain in the next few weeks we may spread more. By the time I take the next photo from the silo, this paddock will be fully grown, and almost ready to start maturing/ dying off.


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  1. cyberdoyle says: thought you would like to see what wet is really like, UK style 😉
    these are our boys fighting the elements to get the maize in two years ago, just hope we can get it in this year, not quite ready for harvest yet and the ground is a bog already… fingers crossed.

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