Monthly Archive: February 2011

Clover Harvesting 5

Clover Harvesting

I received some pretty funny responses to this photo & caption that I posted to twitter the other day. I thought you might like them to. I received these responses on twitter: On Facebook a cousin of mine posted: Clearly...

Work in the Wimmera 2

Work in the Wimmera

I started in an attempt to show what modern farms are really like. I wanted to show that despite the well publicised negatives there are really good things about country living.

This YouTube clip, put together by some students at my old Uni, seems to do the same thing. It showcases what life in the Wimmera is like and points out that you don’t need $5,000,000 in start-up capital in order to become involved in agriculture.

View from the Silo – December 2010 0

View from the Silo – December 2010

Here is the wheat crop that we followed all through 2010. A brilliant crop ready to harvest.  I quickly climbed the silo and snapped these photos back on the 7th of December as the first major rain of harvest was...