Monthly Archive: June 2012

John Deere agility 3

John Deere agility

Here’s one for all my former Deloitte Online colleagues. John Deere engineers are using agile software development in an attempt to speed up the development of new online tools and products for farmers. Such as their recently released ‘FarmSight‘ technology,...

I’m farming and I grow it. 1

I’m farming and I grow it.

This video will do more for consumer education about farming than millions of dollars of funding from anywhere. Enjoy. Water, water, water, water, water, yeah!

Going to Africa 2

Going to Africa

Forget pinching, to check that this email I’d received was real I nearly slapped myself in the face when I received it last week. Hi Jonathan Just a note to confirm that you are now registered for both the 25th RASC Conference in...

Put Yourself Out There 1

Put Yourself Out There

Now while it seems like I’m bragging about my awesomeness. I’m also trying to point out to you just how potentially awesome you can be. By putting yourself out there and talking about the things you’re interested in, you open yourself up to similar unknown possibilities.