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I was home having lunch today when I received a phone call from a Victorian number that wasn’t in my phone. I was excited to find out that it was a call informing me that I have made the shortlist of applicants who have applied to attend the 25th Commonwealth Agricultural Conference in Zambia. If successful, I would be attending this conference as a sponsored delegate of the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. The next stage of the selection process happens next week when I trek down to Melbourne to be interviewed.You can read more about what I’ve applied for here.

It’s an amazing opportunity, and I’m stoked just to be shortlisted. What perhaps excites me even more however, is how these sorts of opportunities arise. Writing about things I’m interested in both on this blog and twitter has led to some pretty cool opportunities. None of these are life-changing but all of them are interesting and humbling.

Now while it seems like I’m bragging about my awesomeness. I’m also trying to point out to you just how potentially awesome you can be. By putting yourself out there and talking about the things you’re interested in, you open yourself up to similar unknown possibilities. I may have still applied for and got shortlisted for this conference without twitter and without blogging. But the confidence gained from these experiences has helped me in other areas of life, and will no doubt help me overcome my nerves in the interview room next week.

That thing that you’ve been thinking of starting, but you’re not sure if people will like it? Give it a go. I was surprised to find that people do notice your efforts.


Web developer turned farmer. Interests include: my faith, my wife, technology, cricket, farming, ice cream & world events.

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  1. Dwain says:

    Agree, you have to, it spices up your life….

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