Two Red Eyes

The last time I caught a 6am red-eye flight from Adelaide was in early 2008. I was a Graduate web-developer and I was flying to Melbourne to take part in a 2 day company induction program, being held at one of the hotels at Crown. During those 2 days I remember being blown away at the new corporate world I had entered.

This mornings red-eye was to Sydney so that I could get on the 747 I now type from, 9144m above the Southern Ocean en-route to Johannesburg and ultimately Lusaka, Zambia. I’m about to experience another new world in Africa. One that I’m sure will be unlike what I’ve seen before. Then, as now I’m blown away by what lays before me.

Tomorrow I commence a week and a half of farm tours in Zambia. If you missed my earlier post, I’m travelling as a sponsored ‘Next Generation’ delegate of the vRoyal Agricultural Society of Victoria. I’m participating in the conference tours which are taking place before the 25th Commonwealth Agricultural Conference in Livingstone, Zambia.

If all of that wasn’t exciting enough, at the conference myself and 2 others from Victoria are giving a presentation to not just the other Next Gen delegates, but the CEOs of all the Agricultural Societies. Our topic:

The Agricultural Society of the Future: A Next Generation perspective.

While I’ve been a little nervous about the whole thing, it’s also an insanely exciting thing to be apart of. I’m not sure what the next two weeks holds, but I can’t wait.


Web developer turned farmer. Interests include: my faith, my wife, technology, cricket, farming, ice cream & world events.

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  1. Tiarnee Dyer says:

    We have lived in two very different worlds. One a world of business, suits, traffic, restaurants and noise. The other world, which we now live in is quiet, full of dirty clothes, pubs and tractors.

    While these worlds are very different we have been incredibly blessed in both and I have loved our adventure so far.

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