Post Harvest Challenge

Can you spot the difference between an African harvest and an Australian one?

We were blessed with an exceptional harvest last year. Our crops all yielded average or above, on a yearly rainfall that was well below average.

In each row below there is 1 photo of the Zambian wheat harvest that I was lucky enough to see in Zambia in September last year, along with 1 photo I took during our own wheat  harvest in the 2nd half of December.

Leave a comment correctly identifying all 5 Aussie photos (Left or right) for each row and you’ll be in the running to choose 1 or both of the following:

  • An A4 photo print of your favourite photo out of the 10.
  • A blog post from me on the issue of your choice. (Can be posted here or on your own blog)

Winners posted in the first week of March.

DSC00032DSC01089  DSC00027DSC01134  DSC01137DSC00016   DSC01092DSC00021   64606_4640504124063_251035749_nDSC01093


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3 Responses

  1. Kerryn Dyer says:

    Row 1 : Aussy – right: Row 2: Aussy – left; Row 3: Aussy – right; Row 4: Aussy – Right; Row 5: Aussy – left;

  2. Chelsea Dahlenburg says:

    Row 1 Right
    Row 2 Left
    Row 3 Right
    Row 4 Right
    Row 5 Left

  3. David says:


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