Farm Update April 2013

Well the time does fly and we’re on the doorstep of another cropping season. Oh & it’s RAINING!

Up until today, we’ve had only 23mm of rain for 2013. To put that into perspective, if we’d been getting average rainfall for the year so far, we might have had 80=100mm. But not to worry. Farmers and other agricultural types around here have been starting to worry about the dry conditions. But it is normal for us to have long, hot and dry summers. There must be a bit of concern around about the dry conditions, as the Weekly Times saw fit to do an article on it & decided to photograph and ask me about how the season is looking at this early stage. The article made it online, and if you’re interested you can check it out here:

Hopes high for autumn rain

We’ve got several things going on around the farm at the moment, including:

  • Delivering grain from last harvest.
  • Spreading gypsum on paddocks.
  • Renovating. We’ve just purchased a track renovator to pull in the wheel ruts in our paddocks from last season. Two of our tractors are setup on the same wheel-spacings, so we can drive them up and down the same wheel tracks while the crop is going and keep wheel damage to a minimum.
  • Fencing. We’ve almost come to the end of fencing for now, but replacing old fences on farm seems to be a continual job.
  • Burning Stubbles. I’m expecting to be questioned on this one by a few farmers. It’s not ideal to burn our paddocks, as it removes ground cover from the soil, which helps to hold moisture in the soil when it does rain, and also protects young seedlings as they’re growing. But we do it as we’re trying to kill the weed seeds, specifically ryegrass, so we’ve burnt a couple of paddocks where this is a particular issue.

We’re hoping to start seeding later this week or early next. We’ll begin by sowing canola, then move on to beans and wheat. We’ll do this even if we don’t get a big rain to wet up the soil. We want to get our crops growing as soon as possible, and way to do this is by having them in the ground ready to grow when it starts raining. I’ll do some more blogging about seeding once we actually start, as we’ve changed a few things in our seeding setup that I’d like to show you.


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