Hole Inspection


My dad got me to dig a hole today. I assume he went home and told mum about it in a scene reminiscent of that in the movie ‘The Castle’.

‘Guess what Jonathan did today love?’

‘What’s that dear?’

‘He dug a hole.”

Thankfully, unlike the famous hole at 3 Highview Crescent, my hole didn’t start filling with water. There was however, plenty of water in the dirt that came out of the hole. Which was why I was digging in the first place. We’re having a delightfully wet¬†winter and we were looking to see just how far down this great rain had soaked. The pleasing thing we found was that the soil was quite wet down to about 70cm and was still damp when I got down to 1m.


The crop is durum (pasta) wheat, and was planted into last years canola (cooking oil) stubble. Now this season is of course a long way from being complete, but these are perfect conditions for plants to grow and send down roots into this soft damp soil.








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