Visions of a Farming Future

Thought I would share with you all these 2 YouTube clips. The first one is a John Deere promo that tries to give their vision of Agriculture’s future. Whilst I think the augmented reality tractor glass is still a fair way off, the way that data flows between paddock and farm office here is what’s most interesting and useful.


This second one is an Australian clip produced by the Queensland University of Technology, and shows you the R & D that’s going into farm automation at the moment. The clip is of a small autonomous sprayer spot-spraying weeds in a chickpea crop. The cost and environmental benefits from only applying chemical to where it’s needed are obvious and huge. But perhaps the biggest change here is the change from bigger and bigger machines, to smaller and more precise.


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  1. These are a great couple of vids. I especially like the concepts suggested in the John Deere one. This sort of technology really isn’t that far away!

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