The Nile.

Not Me.

Not Me.

It’s more than just a river in Uganda. It’s beautiful, huge and majestic. Also, when you get flipped in a life-raft going through a grade 5 rapid, it’s slightly terrifying. Ok. Actually terrifying.  It’s a pity I don’t have any photos to show you because they’re all stuck on a CD until I get home.

On Saturday I had a spare day in Jinja while Simon was preoccupied with Grow Africa meetings. So what to do but book a white water rafting trip on the White Nile with the top rated rafting company on tripadvisor. It turned out I was on the tour with several medical students from across North America and Europe doing voluntary placements in hospitals around Uganda.

Allow me for a moment to list some of the pros and cons of white water rafting the River Nile with medical students.


  • If something goes seriously wrong you’ll be in good hands.
  • Not only are they really clever, but they were nice enough to chat to a farmer from Australia.
  • Being told both the scientific and common name of  the disease you get if you catch a parasite from swimming in the river.
  • Helpful descriptions of the symptoms of said condition and what to do if I start experiencing them.


  • Graphic descriptions of what happens should said condition go untreated.
  • Two obstetrics students comparing horror stories from delivery rooms. (Both in Uganda and back home)


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