Life Changing

Well I just heard the news today
It seems my life is gonna change
I closed my eyes, begin to pray
Then tears of joy stream down my face

Arms Wide Open – Creed.

My grandmother asked me a few days ago  ‘Have you come down from your high yet?’ She’s in her 90s and asked me this because I’ve been on one ever since being presented with my Nuffield Scholarship back at the end of September. My answer was emphatically ‘No!’

No. I’m still on a high. Because the day after this happened, well, I found out this was happening.

Still can't believe it.

Still can’t believe it.

I’m going to be a dad. I can’t believe it. Everyone I’ve spoken to about Nuffield says it’s life changing. Everyone I’ve spoken to about becoming a parent says that it’s life changing. How about doing both at once? 2015 is going to be a big year. Bring it on.


Web developer turned farmer. Interests include: my faith, my wife, technology, cricket, farming, ice cream & world events.

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  1. Heidi Knowles says:

    Life is a roller coaster ride from here on ☺

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