Nuffield Reports on Ag Technology

Plenty of time on planes over the past few days has allowed me to look at a few reports published in recent months by fellow Nuffield Scholars of recent years. I suggest you check them out. They make for great and informative reading.

Mark Swift (2013 Scholar) – ‘The implications of societal risk management on agricultural productivity.’

Mark looks at the ‘precautionary principle’ and it’s impact on agricultural progress. Mark worries that progress of exciting technologies that make farming safer, more productive and more environmentally friendly is being hampered by an extreme societal aversion to all and any kind of risk.

Ben Broughton (2014 Scholar) – ‘Potential of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the grains industry’

Ben sees the potential uses of UAVs in my industry of grain production. His report tries to sort through the hype surrounding UAVs currently and reads as a ‘state of play’ on what is currently possible with UAVs on farm.

Robert Allen (2014 Scholar) – ‘Turning data into information: maximising the benefit of digital data technology ‘

Roberts report is both good and bad for me. Great because it’s a well written report into the area that I am also studying. Bad because I need to do extra investigation into my topic to ensure my report doesn’t seem like I’m plagiarism his. It’s not plagiarism if I cite him right?

All three of you are going to get cited in my report. Congratulations on getting them published guys. Great work.

These and the vast array of Nuffield reports from all corners and sectors of agriculture and food production are available at the Nuffield International website.


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