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Who are you working for? 0

Who are you working for?

I like the idea that my future can be my own responsibility, and not left to the decisions of a corporation or the ups and downs of a volatile labour market.

10 Things I’ll Miss About Adelaide 0

10 Things I’ll Miss About Adelaide

The Internet is full of pointless and mundane lists. This post is my first pointless and mundane attempt at one.

While I’m a fierce Victorian at heart, there are a few things about Adelaide that I’ve actually come to like over the last 2 years of living here.

My View 0

My View

I’m sure there will be a few things I’ll miss about my job in Adelaide. This is one of them: For you photo people out there. Please note that tinted windows prevented me from taking better photos.

Challenge & Growth 1

Challenge & Growth

When hearing of our move, numerous people have asked us ‘Why?” It’s a good question. I’m in a stable job here in Adelaide and Tiarnee has so far been able to find¬† plenty of relief teaching at the schools she...

Tiarnees 21st! 1

Tiarnees 21st!

I’ve just had the most awesome week! It was my beautiful fiancees 21st birthday on Wednesday & so to celebrate she’s had a 4 day celebration!¬† After work on Friday I got all dressed up (shirt & tie) & took...

Time well spent 1

Time well spent

This is my first post in 2.5 months and I’ve done 4 posts since March. Not that nothing has been happening for the past 5 months, quite the opposite. You wouldn’t know it from this blog but not only is...

Before and After 0

Before and After

I posted an image last year showing how far apart Tiarnee & I were. Doing it ‘tough’ as a ‘long-distance relationship’. I can now do a before and after to show how things have changed. BEFORE AFTERThere’s so many things...

Hope in Adelaide III 1

Hope in Adelaide III

For any lingering doubters out there I offer 2 more pieces of evidence that Adelaide is indeed struggling for its own identity and is copying the superior state to it’s east. Flinders St. Yep. That’s right. There’s a Flinders St...

Hope in Adelaide II 0

Hope in Adelaide II

I have blogged before about the Melbournisation of Adelaide, and after living here for 2 weeks I’ve noticed some more signs that indeed Adelaide is confused about its own identity. Some days I wonder if I ever left the Garden...