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Local Foreign Ownership 9

Local Foreign Ownership

Personally, I’m undecided as to whether the principle of foreign ownership is a good one or not. We don’t yet know what the knock-on effects of these changes will be. I guess we shall see in the coming years what it means for us here in rural Australia.

What do you think? Are we selling off our national wealth? Or should we be encouraging responsible investment and development of the resources we have that others need.

Tweeting with (not like) Tony Burke 5

Tweeting with (not like) Tony Burke

Just to really emphasise this let me restate: I was able to ask questions and receive instant responses from a member of federal cabinet just 4 days before a federal election*. Read that last sentence again and think about how social media is changing our world.

Continuing the Cycle 4

Continuing the Cycle

For the last 60 years or so, farmers the world over have been doing their job so successfully that they’ve literally been doing themselves out of work. Innovations since WWII including ever bigger and more powerful tractors and implements, improved knowledge & use of fertilisers, better weed and disease management practices, better soil management practices and many other innovations have meant that farm productivity growth has outpaced global population growth for a long time.

Professional Development 1

Professional Development

Farmers aren’t stereotypically known for their ability to adopt and embrace new technologies. Which is often unfortunate because business and farming practice in agriculture is constantly changing and evolving, as it always has done. This is one of the several things I’ve found that IT & Agriculture have in common: The need to constantly improve and stay informed of industry trends and, dare I say it, ‘best practice’