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Seeding 2015

Our seeding program is nearly done for 2015. We’ve had a great run at it this year and should finish just about the earliest we ever have. Cool and mild weather interspersed with small amounts of rain has left us...

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2014 Season Review – Real Farmer

I’ve started this post over a dozen times in my head. Yet until now I’ve never written it. But 22 hours of flying gives one a chance to reflect over the hectic series of events leading up to me departing...

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All around us

Sometimes during the excitement of learning about a new arrival. Sometimes when looking forward to world travel and learning. Sometimes during the combined rush and yet disappointment of our drought harvest. Sometimes during the hectic silly season we forget and miss the...

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Harvest 2013

I made a video blog while harvesting our last paddock of wheat back in January, and have just uploaded it to YouTube. Feel free to check it out.

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2013: Season Review

Wow. What a cracker. 2013 will go down as one of the best farming seasons ever around here. In short, it’s amazing what water can do. As I may have said before, we’re dry-land farmers which means we don’t have...

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In My Paddock – June 2013

I’ve been asked by a local journalist to write a short article for the Wimmera Mail-Times periodically for a section of the paper they call ‘In My Paddock’. It’s basically a short editorial about what’s going on around the farm...

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Planting Chickpeas

As I sit here on the tractor at the start of another 1.5km pass, I’m planting chickpeas at about 8.5km/hour. Our 17m seeder bar, which has 56 tynes will cover 2.5 Ha while completing that pass. We’re planting chickpeas at...

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Am off to Melbourne for a few days to celebrate because: Meme taken from the Farmer Memes Facebook page.

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Our First John Deere Tractor

This is a photo of my late Grandfather on the first John Deere tractor our farm ever owned. In March of 1963 it was a pretty fancy piece of equipment. Our fleet of John Deere machinery has expanded quite a...