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Local Foreign Ownership – Further Reading 0

Local Foreign Ownership – Further Reading

My previous post about foreign ownership in our local area managed to beat a couple of media outlets to press by a few hours. If you’re interested in further reading about the local land purchase these 2 articles appeared online...

7pm Project worthy 3

7pm Project worthy

Following hot on the heels of Tuesdays article in ‘The Age’, the 7pm Project ran a story tonight on the dwindling supplies of Australian farmers. The characters were different, but the messages were essentially the same. That is, the average...

Tweeting Farmers 0

Tweeting Farmers

Last Friday morning, I was thrilled to be phone interviewed by am ABC rural journalist from Tasmania. He was doing a story on farmers who use twitter and was given my (twitter account) name by the organiser of #agchatoz, our weekly twitter chat about all things agriculture related.

Does this bother you? 0

Does this bother you?

Read “In Iraq, sex is traded for survival“and tell me if it bothers you. Because it certainly bothers me. She said: “I’m a nice-looking woman and it wasn’t difficult to find a client. When we got to the bed I...