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This oncoming hail storm was last Wednesday. 0

Rainfall deciles

If you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about when striking up conversation with a farmer some time, try talking about rainfall deciles. What are they you ask? Hopefully this little explanation will make you feel a...

Silo Top - Jan 2015 0

2014 Season Review – Real Farmer

I’ve started this post over a dozen times in my head. Yet until now I’ve never written it. But 22 hours of flying gives one a chance to reflect over the hectic series of events leading up to me departing...

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2013: Season Review

Wow. What a cracker. 2013 will go down as one of the best farming seasons ever around here. In short, it’s amazing what water can do. As I may have said before, we’re dry-land farmers which means we don’t have...

Beating the odds. 1

Drought rainfall. Good Year.

It is most telling because it clearly shows what effect the much publicised 10 year drought across south-eastern Australia has had on our area. Our 10 year average is currently around 80mm below the overall average of 328mm. That’s yearly reduction of 24% or almost a quarter of what used to be seen as normal. 80mm on a given year is the difference between drought and average. Average and bumper. Profit and loss. Another way to look at it is that cumulatively over the last 1o years most of SE Australia has missed out on at least 2 years worth of production. How would your business survive such a hit?

Wet Summer 1

Wet Summer

You’ve no doubt heard by now about our wet summer in eastern Australia. Well I was doing some number crunching yesterday and discovered that since the 1/12/2010 we’ve had at least 234% of our average rainfall for this time.

When I was a kid… 0

When I was a kid…

A good friend of mine (Anthony) made the observation to me the other day that at some stage in the (very!!!) distant future my kids will be swimming in a lake somewhere and I’ll be able to say to them...

Drought: A second comparison 1

Drought: A second comparison

Way back in January I posted photos comparing a normal wheat harvest to last years drought. Now I’m home for the holidays I can provide an update as to what things are looking like around here, and a comparision to...

Good Signs 3

Good Signs

While I don’t think anyone is game enough to call the drought over yet, there is a lot of hope for this coming season and the rest of this year. The signs are definitely better than they where this time...

"The rains are here….." 2

"The rains are here….."

“Then, between the 26 & the 28th of April 2007, the worst drought in recorded history broke across Southern Australia” At least hopefully a line like that will appear in a history book someday, and Mr Howards warning of zero...