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One of the main reasons I started this blog was to try and show what life is like for a young farmer on a 21st century farm. The fact is that more than a quarter of Victorians were born overseas,...

Put Yourself Out There 1

Put Yourself Out There

Now while it seems like I’m bragging about my awesomeness. I’m also trying to point out to you just how potentially awesome you can be. By putting yourself out there and talking about the things you’re interested in, you open yourself up to similar unknown possibilities.

If you want to know….. 0

If you want to know…..

When I started this blog, I felt like I was the only one around blogging about rural life. If that was ever true, it certainly isn’t now. Here’s a list of people to contact if you ever want to learn something about rural life.

Tweeting Farmers 0

Tweeting Farmers

Last Friday morning, I was thrilled to be phone interviewed by am ABC rural journalist from Tasmania. He was doing a story on farmers who use twitter and was given my (twitter account) name by the organiser of #agchatoz, our weekly twitter chat about all things agriculture related.

Tweeting with (not like) Tony Burke 5

Tweeting with (not like) Tony Burke

Just to really emphasise this let me restate: I was able to ask questions and receive instant responses from a member of federal cabinet just 4 days before a federal election*. Read that last sentence again and think about how social media is changing our world.

Nerd Farming Nirvana & Social Media 2

Nerd Farming Nirvana & Social Media

To repeat: I was participating in a live twitter discussion using my iPhone 3Gs over the Next G network while sitting on a tractor that was steering itself with 2cm satellite guided accuracy while pulling planting equipment weighing several tonnes. Farming has come a long way.