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Some of the pastors cabbages (hybrids!) and young banana plants. You can also see the beginning of the irrigation system. 0

Dream Job

Last month I returned from 2.5 weeks of farm and agricultural visits to Uganda in Africa. Following that and a few weeks on the tractor planting this years crop, I been able to process some of my experiences and offer...

Freedom of Speech? 0

Freedom of Speech?

I blogged the other day about ‘Free Speech’ and how awesome it is. It it truly wonderfull. Think where we’d be without it. But really, how free is our speech? Do we really feel as though we have the ability...

Unwanted Education 1

Unwanted Education

I’m part of the problem,I confess,But I gotta get this off my chest. Let’s extinguish the anguishfor which we’re to blame,and save the worldfrom going down in flames.– Down in Flames, Relient K Until recently I didn’t understand how big...