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I’m farming and I grow it. 1

I’m farming and I grow it.

This video will do more for consumer education about farming than millions of dollars of funding from anywhere. Enjoy. Water, water, water, water, water, yeah!

What do you see? 3

What do you see?

Apart from the poor quality of the iPhone 3GS camera, can you spot anything out of the ordinary in this photo? It’s a pic of our neighbours sheep grazing across the road from my house. Click on the image for...

Looking Out 0

Looking Out

Our crops may be in the ground and growing, but we’re still out-loading grain from harvest time. This particular bin was being used to store durum wheat which we gets trucked directly to the San Remo pasta mill in Adelaide....

Planting Canola 1

Planting Canola

We’ve just started seeding for another season. The first crop in the ground is a little black round seed not much bigger than the ball point in your pen. It’s grown because it’s an oilseed. It’s crushed & the oil...

Goings On 0

Goings On

One of my wifes friends asked me the other day, ‘So is it the quiet time of the year on the farm at the moment?’ My response was: ‘In theory yes, but we’re still finding heaps to do.’ Which is...

Clover Harvesting 5

Clover Harvesting

I received some pretty funny responses to this photo & caption that I posted to twitter the other day. I thought you might like them to. I received these responses on twitter: On Facebook a cousin of mine posted: Clearly...

View from the Silo – December 2010 0

View from the Silo – December 2010

Here is the wheat crop that we followed all through 2010. A brilliant crop ready to harvest.  I quickly climbed the silo and snapped these photos back on the 7th of December as the first major rain of harvest was...

Wet weather delay 1

Wet weather delay

I wouldn’t say it went viral, but my post from last Thursday on ‘Tweeting with Tony Burke’ was extremely well received. I had lots of positive comments about it on twitter, and it was re-tweeted by several people, many with...