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A lot at steak 2

A lot at steak

Last weekend I had a bucks weekend here in Adelaide. As apart of the awesome and very fun weekend we were very Australian and went to the ‘Ned Kelly’s Retreat‘ restaurant in North Adelaide. Saturday was a day of firsts...

Sellout 1


I’m now officially a sell-out. I’ve just joined Facebook. So if you wanna add me as a friend, I suggest doing it quickly. This is because I can’t see my regular involvement on it lasting much longer than the new...

Lame? 1


Tiarnee is twenty today,She is sadly so far away“Happy Birthday to you”and a prayer or twoJust seem like the right things to say.

Vision FM 2

Vision FM

If you’re in or going through the Kaniva area at any time, tune into 88.0 Vision FM. It is Kaniva’s newest radio station, broadcasting from the centre of town. it seems to have a range of 10-15kms depending on the...

So……. 1


An Englishman (Pom), a Scottsman, an Irishman, a Rabbi, a Priest and a Blonde all walk into a bar. The bartender looks at them all and asks: “What is this? Some kind of joke?”

"Send ‘er Down Huey!" 1

"Send ‘er Down Huey!"

Unfortunately, I missed it as I was in Ballarat. But here are some photos of the phenomenal storm that happened last weekend. Mum entitled this one: “A Beautiful Contradiction” MY COUNTRY The love of field and coppice, of green and...

Drought: A Comparison 0

Drought: A Comparison

This photo was taken while we where harvesting our last paddock of wheat for the 05/06 Season. It was considered very much an average crop, Dad’s grown much better before, & also worse: Contrast that with the following photo, that...

AHHHH!!!! 2


I’ve just realised that today is my last day as a teenager! I have just under 7 hours to come up with a new excuse……..

Laserforce 1


I’m about to go to laser force for the first time ever. I’m imagining it being way-cooler than Call of Duty 2 & no-where near as awesome as Paint-balling (not that I’ve been paint-balling either. So we’ll see. More about...