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Harvest2015 0

Harvest 2015

My brother has just uploaded our first ever harvest video. It’s pretty awesome even if I am biased.  Make sure to watch for the surprise ending. We’re looking forward to making another one at the end of this year with...

Took this one morning a couple of weeks ago... 0

All around us

Sometimes during the excitement of learning about a new arrival. Sometimes when looking forward to world travel and learning. Sometimes during the combined rush and yet disappointment of our drought harvest. Sometimes during the hectic silly season we forget and miss the...

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Harvest 2013

I made a video blog while harvesting our last paddock of wheat back in January, and have just uploaded it to YouTube. Feel free to check it out.

Freedom! 0


Am off to Melbourne for a few days to celebrate because: Meme taken from the Farmer Memes Facebook page.

Picturing Harvest 1

Picturing Harvest

So while I’ve got a few minutes to wait in the silo queue before unloading, I thought I’d put together a few images that I’ve snapped over the past few weeks.

Silly Season 2

Silly Season

We’re in the middle of ‘Silly season’. A reference that has nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with the period of 6-8 weeks commencing at the start of windrowing and finishing at that glorious moment when the header gets parked in the shed & we all go to the beach.