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Visions of a Farming Future 1

Visions of a Farming Future

Thought I would share with you all these 2 YouTube clips. The first one is a John Deere promo that tries to give their vision of Agriculture’s future. Whilst I think the augmented reality tractor glass is still a fair...

‘Dude, where’s my autonomous tractor?’ 0

‘Dude, where’s my autonomous tractor?’

Don’t tell me they can do collision detection on a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A380 traveling at over 1000km/hour but it’s too hard to put collision detection on my tractor that travels through our paddocks at less than 30km/hour. Autosteer technology has been around for 10 years or more and new tractors are now being sold with telematic capabilities. Releasing autonomous tractors seems the next logical step.

Some Seedy Technology 1

Some Seedy Technology

As I sit in the tractor driving it, the cultivator and connected air-seeder while listening to Day 3 of the Hamish and Andy ‘Caravan of Courage’ tour, I’m pondering a couple of different questions: Who owns the ‘Clarkson – The...

Nerd Farming Nirvana & Social Media 2

Nerd Farming Nirvana & Social Media

To repeat: I was participating in a live twitter discussion using my iPhone 3Gs over the Next G network while sitting on a tractor that was steering itself with 2cm satellite guided accuracy while pulling planting equipment weighing several tonnes. Farming has come a long way.