Drought: A Comparison 0

Drought: A Comparison

This photo was taken while we where harvesting our last paddock of wheat for the 05/06 Season. It was considered very much an average crop, Dad’s grown much better before, & also worse: Contrast that with the following photo, that...

AHHHH!!!! 2


I’ve just realised that today is my last day as a teenager! I have just under 7 hours to come up with a new excuse……..

Reading 1


I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to read more. Yes the Bible, but also books about other stuff as well. There’s lots of stuff I’d like to understand, reading is about the only way I can do it.

Good Cop, Bad Cop 0

Good Cop, Bad Cop

So, I’ve lived in Ballarat for about 4 years & I’ve had my license for about 2. In that whole time, I’ve never been pulled over by the police or random breath-tested, or even been in a car when any...

Laserforce 1


I’m about to go to laser force for the first time ever. I’m imagining it being way-cooler than Call of Duty 2 & no-where near as awesome as Paint-balling (not that I’ve been paint-balling either. So we’ll see. More about...

Frankenstein 0


Found some stuff on The Age site tonight: Saddam was a monster, but don’t forget his ‘Frankensteins’ – The world deserves to know the full truth about the crimes that Saddam committed, as well as the people that helped him...

Holidays 1


Don’t have long, as it’s late & I should be getting organised. But tomorrow Tiarnee and I are going to Melbourne for the weekend. She brought me 2 tickets to go and see Australia Vs (the hapless) England on Friday....

Sunset Photos 0

Sunset Photos

These are some photos I took at my house on the 30th December 2006. (New Years eve eve)All of them are unedited (Except possibly for size) Sunset

On Debut 2

On Debut

Welcome One, Welcome all, to the blog of me. Jonny. For some, this has been a long time coming. For most, nobody cared. But alas, Jonny has finally sold out to join the online blogging masses, although I was too...