Logging onto Farm Success 1

Logging onto Farm Success

At risk of being accused of selling out to traditional media, I was featured in the ‘In Focus’ section of The Weekly Times newspaper a week or so ago. The article appeared in the May 8th edition and writer Peter...

‘Dude, where’s my autonomous tractor?’ 0

‘Dude, where’s my autonomous tractor?’

Don’t tell me they can do collision detection on a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A380 traveling at over 1000km/hour but it’s too hard to put collision detection on my tractor that travels through our paddocks at less than 30km/hour. Autosteer technology has been around for 10 years or more and new tractors are now being sold with telematic capabilities. Releasing autonomous tractors seems the next logical step.

Producers and Consumers 1

Producers and Consumers

We should be careful with how we talk about ‘city’ people. We need city people to buy our grain just as much as they need us to produce it.

Presentations & Results 0

Presentations & Results

Results The three entries I received for my post harvest challenge were all correct. So I’ve allocated them a number in the order I received them & went to to find our winner. **drumroll** Kerryn was the winner. Congratulations!...

Post Harvest Challenge 3

Post Harvest Challenge

Can you spot the difference between an African harvest and an Australian one? We were blessed with an exceptional harvest last year. Our crops all yielded average or above, on a yearly rainfall that was well below average. In each...

Freedom! 0


Am off to Melbourne for a few days to celebrate because: Meme taken from the Farmer Memes Facebook page.

Surreal Contrasts 0

Surreal Contrasts

The following is an article that I wrote for the local paper a few weeks ago: How do I describe meeting Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal while on a sunset river cruise on the Zambezi River in Zambia, Africa?...

Windrowing 2012 2

Windrowing 2012

Either tomorrow or Tuesday will be our last day of Windrowing for 2012. Windrowing is something of a frenetic 10 days during Noveember each year where we work almost around the clock to try and windrow canola at optimum time...

InsideOut Project – Zambia 2012 0

InsideOut Project – Zambia 2012

It’s funny how life turns out. This YouTube clip opens with a piece of artwork that I helped create. If any of my friends or family read this I feel the need to repeat: I helped do a painting and...